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Multi-Award Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach - UK & International

Hello, I'm Louise, a multi-award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

I see clients online, around the UK and Internationally, as well as face to face in Faringdon Oxfordshire.

Hypnosis can work for many different issues. It can help you to feel better in different ways, helping you to become more relaxed and clear headed, as well creating new healthy habits and behaviours.

There are many positive benefits to having hypnosis. As well as a very relaxing experience, you naturally start to see and feel the postive changes taking effect.

Everyone is unique, and so I tailor each session to help clients see the change they want. By using a combination of hypnosis, coaching and various techniques, clients can see great change within a short space of time.


I also specialise in working with financial traders and investors.

Please visit; https://www.hypnosisfortraders.co.uk/ (Official website)


“Louise’s attitude and understanding of people is truly outstanding. She helped me to improve my relationship with my wife, among other important things. I came to the realisation that I already had it in me to push my effort to the next level. I am so grateful” Carl, Australia 


“Louise is an amazing therapist. She worked wonders on me when I was going through a ‘tough’ period in my life.  As well as physical problems, I had a lot of emotional issues in my life and was finding it hard to cope. I went to see her on several visits and it has been life-changing. I highly recommend Louise” ES, Oxford


“I was losing trades on a daily basis and my passion was at an all time low. Louise and I worked together for a period of two months. In this time, we talked about a variety of things, including what else was going on in my life at the time. I hadn’t realised my personal life was affecting my trading. Working on issues around my personal life, as well as changing my mindset around trading. I was delighted at the results. My passion is now back and am reaping great profits” E.B, London


“I always felt on edge and even anxious when placing any trade. I knew this was the wrong and decided to seek professional help. Louise can recommended and after the initial session, I knew it was going to be succesful. Ten weeks later, I am trading with complete confidence.” Luke, Dublin



The Lotus Therapy Centre

2 London Street

Faringdon, Oxfordshire



Skype Sessions

(UK and International)




Contact: 07939 481 058

Email: inspire4lifetherapy@hotmail.co.uk





Inspire 4 Life - Winner of Nine UK & Global Awards

♦ Life Coach of the Year for 2019 (London Prestige Awards)

♦ CEO United Kingdom Award for 2019 (CEO Today Magazine)

♦ European Business Award for 2019 (CEO Today)

♦ Global Business Award for 2019 (CEO Healthcare)

♦ European Business Award for 2018 (CEO Today)

♦ Clinical Hypnotherapist of the Year for 2018 (Business Excellence Award)

♦ Most Inspirational Life Coach for 2017 (Business Excellence Award)

♦ Award for Alternative Therapy for 2017 (Business Excellence Award)

♦ Most Outstanding Life Coach for 2016 (AI Excellence Award)


Louise Nonweiler (Dip Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg Dip Psych Dip. Mindfulness IAHT)

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