Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy and Hypnoband® Gastric Band Hypnosis


Weight Loss | Inspire 4 Life Therapy | Oxford, Oxfordshire

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, but never getting rid of excess weight?

Your weight might be causing you health problems or you might be worried about the effect your weight might have on your future. You might not be able to exercise or move physically as you would like to, you might feel unable to change your eating habits. You might feel lousy about how you look and feel day to day but feel powerless to change on your own.

With hypnotherapy for weight loss or gastric banding, you can lose weight naturally and keep the weight off permanently.

How Hypnotherapy and Hypnoband® Gastric Band Hypnosis helps you to lose weight

iStock_000016022086_SmallUnlike dieting, hypnotherapy works on how you feel. Diets don’t often help with cravings or disliking  exercise.  Even if you know exactly what you should do to lose weight, only eating healthy foods and exercising can seem really dull and frustrating.

Having strong enough reasons for wanting to lose weight is essential – otherwise the alternatives may remain too alluring. Why do you want to lose weight?  To feel healthier?  To be more confident?  To feel calmer and more contented within yourself?

Unlike diets, hypnotherapy works at a deeper level, called the unconscious level which is often more receptive when you are deeply relaxed.  Rather like taking a break from work or your day-to-day routine and having valuable time to reflect on what you would really like to change in your life and how you can make that happen. Then during your day to day life, it can be a lot easier to act upon these changes that you have become so much clearer about, without even thinking about them consciously.

With Hypnoband and with general weight loss hypnotherapy, we firstly set up a healthy rewards system for you to continually feel more positive about your food goals. We work towards making your decisions more conscious about what to eat and when.

We reinforce how much better you feel when you eat healthily and how tired you feel when you eat unhealthy food. That way, decisions about food are made more conscious and you can expect to feel much more aware and in control following your very first hypnotherapy session.

We also spend time focusing on your goals – why you want to lose weight. You may want to be able to play with your kids, wear nice clothes, feel great about yourself, feel confident. You will learn exactly how to visualise yourself achieving your goals so that they feel so much more real and attainable.

With Hypnoband in particular, in the second and third sessions, you will be taken through guided visualisations, whilst you relax with your eyes closed.  You will imagine going through an actual gastric band operation but there is no pain or discomfort at all.  Your mind is very powerful however and this is why Hypnoband® has become so popular.


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