Trading Hypnosis

Trading Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Financial Traders

As well as hypnosis and NLP, I use a variety of techniques in sessions, which include visualisation and positive affirmations. Hypnotherapy, alongside NLP can be extremely effective for traders. Hypnosis works on the emotional and mental state, helping the client to become much more focused, confident and motivated.

I have seen many clients for trading. There are many reasons why a person can struggle with trading, whether it’s in their first month or even after a few years.
Self-hypnosis is a very powerful tool, so in order to create the best for my clients, I teach many of my clients self-hypnosis. This is explained in the session, as well as providing a manual.
Professional hypnosis Mp3 downloads are also available, and are designed specifically for each individual.

Common Issues when Trading
Fear of losing a trade
Fear of winning a trade
Timing & exiting trades
Too much pressure
Negative patterns
Decision making
Anxiety & stress
Irrational trading


The first part of the session is an opportunity for you to discuss your situation and what you would like to acheive. I will explain how I work and and how the hypnotherapy can help you.

On average, a course of 2-5 sessions is advised. This depends on the individual and the issue.


Accreditations & Qualifications
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Life Coach (Master Practitioner)
Diploma in Mindfulness
Diploma in Financial Trading


Please contact Louise direct, by phone or email to discuss fees.


If you are unable to get to the Oxford Practice, then Skype sessions are available.