Skype Life Coaching

Louise offer’s personal and professional Life Coaching sessions online, via Skype.

Online coaching sessions are extremely popular now. Many clients have said they actually prefer to have their sessions online over Skype, as it can prove to be more convenient for them.

Research shows that online and Skype coaching is as effective as face to face.

These online sessions are for any client wishing to deal with issues, anywhere from their personal to professional life.

Online coaching is perfect for busy people who have tight schedules. Or for people who live in remote areas, or do not drive.

Skype Coaching Sessions | What to expect

After an initial telephone conversation, we will arrange a time for the first online session. A confirmation mail will then be sent to you with all the information you require.

The sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, or even in the office. As long you are in a place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session and have a good internet connection and a Skype account.

The first session is normally 90 minutes. Every session after that is an hour. In this time, we will go through some general details, medical history and then we will go on to discuss in great detail what is going on for you. We’ll talk about the changes you would like to see and make from our sessions together.

Each session is specifically tailored around you and the current challenges they are having.

Please note: All sessions are completely confidential.

Skype Coaching Sessions |The Benefits

There are many more benefits of Skype coaching.

This can include:

  • No travelling time required
  • No sitting in traffic or having to find parking
  • Having more flexibility with scheduling sessions
  • Being in the comfort of their own home or office

For more information regarding coaching, please contact Louise on:

Mobile: 07939 481 058 or email

Skype Life Coaching Session