Skype Hypnotherapy

The flexibility of Skype hypnotherapy can eliminate certain obstacles for a client. For some people, even leaving the house can be a challenge, due to illness or anxiety.

Skype hypnotherapy is a convenient way to receive the help you need. Skype can be accessed from all over the world.

Some people do wonder if hypnotherapy over Skype is safe, and whether it’s as effective.

Louise work’s mainly with clients over Skype, and it is safe and just as effective as face to face.

Skype hypnotherapy

Is Skype hypnotherapy safe and effective as face to face?

The answer for both these questions is, yes! Louise has had the same success rate with clients over Skype as she has with face to face clients. For some people it is actually more effective because they are in the comfort of their own home and can relax more easily.

What happens if you can’t bring me out of hypnosis over Skype?

This has never happened, and a client will naturally come out of hypnosis in their own time anyway. It is extremely safe and a very relaxing experience. If a client is worried about this then the session will still go ahead, and a personalised hypnosis recording being sent to the client after the session.

If you have anymore questions regarding Skype hypnotherapy, or would like to know more about hypnotherapy and the benefits, then please contact;

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