Online Hypnotherapy

Louise offers Skype hypnotherapy in the UK and internationally.

A common question that clients and potential clients ask is, does hypnotherapy have the same effect as face to face.

The answer is, yes absolutely. From experience, there is no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy. In fact, clients can feel more relaxed and comfortable working from the comfort of their own home, which can have a positive effect on the outcome of their sessions.

The number of hypnotherapists working online is increasing, and becoming ever more popular.

Online hypnotherapy session

Benefits to receiving online hypnotherapy

  • There are no travel costs and no travel time is required
  • More flexibility to schedule in a time
  • You can choose a therapist anywhere in the UK, or internationally
  • You can have a session from your office
  • No longer having to sit in traffic or find parking
  • You may find it more comfortable in familiar surroundings
  • Skype hypnotherapy sessions are run in exactly the same way as my face to face sessions. You will receive the same personalised and professional service, with an in-depth initial assessment, as if we were meeting in person

If you are interested in Skype hypnotherapy, then please contact Louise via email or by phone on the details listed below.

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