The Fear of Flying recording was Amazing! It helped me to become a relaxed traveller. After listening to the recording for 21 days straight, I even managed to book a flight, the first one in 8 years. Thank you! (S.E Hertforshire)


I experienced sleep problems for many years. I listened to the sleep well every night for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say, my sleep is the best it’s been in years. Very relaxing and soothing (M.J Kent)


I purchased the financial abundance recording and began listening to it on a regular basis. It has helped me stop worrying about finances and gain more confidence in my abilities. I look to the future feeling optimistic (SL, Ireland)


My confidence has grown every day since listening to your recording. I cannot beleive how much I have changed as a person, in every area of my life. Even friends and family have noticed a difference (K.L Oxfordshire)


It took me a couple of times listening to the recording to really relax, but your voice is very soothing and soon I was able to let go of any anxious feelings and start to enjoy it. I am now sleeping the best I have in years – Amazing! (M.M London)


I was terrified of flying, and had been for many years. I tried everything out there, nothing worked. I listened to the recording for 21 days as suggested. I now feel much more optimisitc about booking a flight in the near future (A.K Canterbury)


I am a lot more positive since I have listened to the recording for a postivite mindset. This has helped me make changes that I should have made years ago. I am now out of a destructive relationship and have met a wonderful person (I.L Yorkshire)