What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that works with the unconscious mind. It is very safe, effective and can help with many differents areas of a person's life. Hypnosis is about using the power of positive suggestion to bring about changes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The process itself aims to alter our state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious part of the mind while simultaneously stimulating and focussing the subconscious part. This heightened state of awareness - reached using skilled relaxation techniques - allows the therapist to then make appropriate suggestions.

Most of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours originate in the subconscious mind and they are happening automatically with not much control by us. If you have any issue that relates to the way you think or feel about things, or a behaviour or habit, it’s worth discussing if hypnotherapy could help you.

An initial consultation beforehand is essential, this is to see if we can work together. I offer this free of charge, over the phone. Please contact me via email or by phone (details at the bottom of the page).
Here is a list of some of the issues I work with;