Fear of Flying? It’s Time to Try Hypnotherapy 

The prevalence of aviophobia or fear of flying among Americans stands at 2.5% to 6.5%. The good news is that although a good number of Americans have a fear of flying, it rarely becomes a full-on phobia. In the milder forms that it occurs, it tends to be characterized by pre-flight and on-flight anxiety. Those who battle with this fear tend to have tried many conventional methods perhaps with little or no success. These include a drink to calm the nerves, gripping the armrests, counting prayer beads or taking sleeping pills. As we come to understand the power of the mind in most fears and phobias, the benefits of hypnosis are becoming more attractive. If you are looking for an alternative to conventional aviophobia solutions, you ought to try hypnotherapy.

Flying and Hypnotherapy

To appreciate why hypnotherapy can work to reduce your flying phobia, you first have to appreciate that the fear of flying is rooted in the subconscious. What this generally means is that there must be a link between some sort of trauma that your mind links with flying. Before we go full out Freud, this trauma doesn’t necessarily have to be from childhood and can simply be a sense of losing or giving up control. In fact, more often than not, this lack of control is what ignites the fear in most people: the knowledge that once you’re seated you cannot leave or escape until the plane lands.

Aviophobia significantly reduces the number of places you are likely to visit even if you wanted to. However, a significant number of people have claimed that hypnotherapy helped with their fear of flying and they can now plan great vacations with no worries. The additional benefit of hypnotherapy for flying is that once you know the basic principles, you can use it anywhere, in the plane, on the way to the airport or in your hotel room in preparation for leaving.

How it Works

Given the benefits of hypnotherapy, you should be more than a little curious as to how it works. How hypnosis is portrayed in sensationalist films is actually quite different from what happens in real life. Hypnotherapy, as contrasted with other forms of therapy, focuses on implanting future memories more than digging up old ones. You should work with a trained hypnotherapist who will explore the source of your fear of flying. After this, you will work to change thinking patterns and associations, making flying an easier experience for you.

The fear of flying doesn’t need to rule your life longer than it already has. Try a few sessions of hypnotherapy and you may find that peace and calm you’ve been craving on flights.

Article written by Jennifer Dawson

Fear of Flying? It’s Time to Try Hypnotherapy 

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