Exam & Interview Nerves

By its very nature, an interview can be pretty nerve-racking. In spite of all the preparation, there is a tendency for the brain to freeze at just the wrong moment, with unfortunate results.

On the surface you try to maintain our poise, whilst underneath you’re paddling like crazy. You may be the ideal candidate, but if you allow the occasion to mask your true abilities, you could easily lose out to a less qualified competitor.

Hypnotherapy leads you into calmer waters. You will quickly learn how to maintain your composure in these situations. Using the subconscious part of the mind you will discover how you can induce a peaceful inner calm which enables clear thinking and positive articulation to be the order of the day.

Nearly everyone has experienced nerves and stress related to tests and exams.  It just comes with the territory, it seems.  For some people, however, stress and exam nerves go beyond what might be considered “normal” to have a profound negative effect on test results.  The good news is that NLP and hypnotherapy can help you overcome this problem.

Transforming Your Approach To Exam Nerves

There is a much better approach to stress and exam nerves, and that is to turn around the way your mind anticipates and perceives stress.  Instead of accepting exam stress as inevitable, we teach you how to look forward to your exams as a way to “show off” what you have learned and how well you can perform.

This transformational approach helps get rid of your fear and learn how to embrace the learning and exam process.  Your mind will start saying things like “I’m going to do my very best on this exam” and “This is a good time to show exactly what I have learned”.  By learning to change your approach to exams and the related stress, you can learn how to absorb information, access it easily during exam time, and use it calmly during the exam to create a solid exam performance.

How does NLP And Hypnotherapy Help?

NLP and hypnotherapy are a powerful combination when it comes to helping with exam nerves.  Using NLP, your practitioner will teach you how to get rid of any previous bad experiences with exams, and consciously choose to model the thoughts, behaviours, and habits that create the kind of high performance you’re seeking.  Hypnotherapy is part of the treatment by addressing your unconscious mind, helping to create positive changes using a variety of techniques ranging from direct to indirect.  Your practitioner will use these hypnosis techniques to tap into your deep inner resources, allowing them to come forward and support the conscious NLP work you are doing.