Confidence & Self-Esteem

untitledYou might be surprised to learn that being confident doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be perfect and succeed all the time. Having self confidence and high self-esteem means that when something does goes wrong, you can still value yourself and see it as an opportunity to learn something from the experience.

Encouraging life experience can make us feel confident. Negative life experience can make us feel less confident. A childhood filled with encouragement from teachers, parents and friends increases our confidence as we grow. Humiliation, pressure or negative feedback can mean that it ebbs away. Once confidence starts to diminish, the belief that we’re a failure can prevent us from trying to achieve our goals so our confidence ebbs further away creating a downward spiral of negative thoughts about ourselves leading to a general lack of self-confidence and self-worth.

The aim of Clinical Hypnotherapy is to select from a wide range of therapies to create a specific relaxing treatment plan for each individual that will have most impact on the problem most quickly.  Hypnotherapy can retrain negative thought patterns to empower you with the positive outlook that you want to enable you to reach your full potential.


Louise Nonweiler (Dip Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg Dip Psych Dip. Mindfulness IAHT)

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