"Louise's attitude and understanding of people is truly outstanding. She helped me to improve my relationship with my wife, among other important things. I came to the realisation that I already had it in me to push my effort to the next level. I am so grateful" Carl, Australia 


"It had been a challenging year and issues were snowballing. I was unclear about where I was heading in life. I got in touch with Louise and began talking through my issues. She helped to unlock my potential and confidence and since then have become a lot more stronger and happier" Elaine, Sydney Australia


"I am thankful for our sessions together. The coaching helped me deal with so many things from confidence to fear of stepping up in life. I have come to so many realisations in our sessions. Because of the confidence I gained I was able to move forward and start my own business" James, Western Australia


"Louise's coaching helped me in so many ways in a short period of time. I have gone from being afraid of exercise to being totally committed. I feel much stronger and happier than ever. She also helped me find ways to manage stress and because of this my relationships have improved. I looked forward to our sessions." SE, Perth


"Louise is an amazing therapist. She worked wonders on me when I was going through a ‘tough’ period in my life.  As well as physical problems, I had a lot of emotional issues in my life and was finding it hard to cope. I went to see her on several visits and it has been life-changing. I highly recommend Louise" ES, Oxford


"In just a short time, I managed to relax more through our sessions together. After having a number of sessions, I felt an overwhelming feeling of relief. The sessions have definitely left me more confident and relaxed. In short, I feel back to my old self! Louise's approach is friendly, relaxed and non-intrusive!" P.B, Oxford


"I went to see Louise when I was suffering from bad migraines, and after a few sessions they completely disappeared" S.L, Oxford


"I was suffering with severe stress and after seeing Louise, she has really helped me feel more relaxed and happy.  I was a little nervous at first, but after the first session, I felt amazing. Louise is very professional in her approach" LB, London


"Thank you so much. Things that used to worry me all the time are not important anymore" L.P, Oxford


"From the absolute terror and paralysing fear of the dentist to sitting in the dentist chair, to becoming relaxed and calm. What more can I say, I was treated with the utmost respect and I am going to say, Thank you very much.” BM, Oxford


“Louise personable nature and professionalism led to a session that was both relaxed and productive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone" PW, Mother and housewife


"Just to let you know it worked! I couldn’t believe it, thank you very much!" ST, Abingdon


“I have no hesitation in recommending you! You reminded me of my goals and the approach to obtain them. I move forward with great confidence now I know how to cope and succeed in what I want to do.” AD, Therapist & Author


“The service I received was both professional and personal. Louise was thoughtful and sensitive to my needs. As a consequence of the work we did I was able to feel so much more relaxed on my holiday and was able to enjoy being with my family.” JN, Marketing Director


"A smoker for over 20 years, I saw Louise for one session and I am a now a proud, healthy non-smoker." D.A Oxfordshire


"After a challenging year of feeling stressed and low mood I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if I could be more positive.  I didn’t have any expectations about it but after the first meeting I found I was more upbeat and found it easier to relax and be more positive.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve their goals. " S.O, Oxford


"I have had a fear of needles since I was a child, after having a dreadful experience from a vaccination. I had a couple of sessions with Louise, and after the first I could actually think about needles without feeling panicky. After the third session I was able to visit the doctor for a blood test. I cannot believe how powerful hypnotherapy is" L.J, Henley-on-Thames


"I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for over decade. Having tried everything else I went to Louise feeling helpless. It took just 3 sessions with her to feel normal again, I can honestly say that my panic attacks have gone and I feel a stronger, happier person. Louise makes you feel at ease straight away. My life has changed for the better. I cannot thank Louise enough." C.M, Woodstock


"For the first time in my life I managed to eat and drink sensibly over Christmas. I've continued this into January and haven’t gone back to my bad eating habits, which is what has always happened in the past. Amazingly, I've lost over a stone since December. I'm so happy! E.B, Oxfordshire


"Every time I thought of flying it left me feeling very anxious. My wife booked a short break in Europe and I knew I wouldn't be able to get on the plane. A friend recommended hypnotherapy so I went to see Louise. All it took was 2 sessions and I was able to not only get on the flight but enjoy it! M.V, Oxford


"I gave up smoking and then became addicted to the e-cig, and was probably more addicted to it than smoking. I knew the addiction had to go so I saw Louise. The e-cig is now in the bin. Luke, Oxfordshire


"The hot flushes were soul-destroying and I was finding it difficult to cope! My friend recommended Louise after she saw her for weight loss. Although the flushes occasionally 'show up' they are nowhere near as frequent or as bad, and I feel in control of them for the first time. Suzi, Nurse


"I finally admitted I had a gambling problem this year to my family. Louise came recommended by a family friend, and when I  went to see her unsure of what to expect. After speaking with her on the first session I knew it was going to be a positive turning point in my life. It took a total 6 weeks - I no longer gamble, more importantly I no longer have the urge. I'm amazed! Graham, Oxfordshire


"I decided I needed help after I hadn't been able to leave the house for weeks. I went to see Louise and struggled at first with things that came to the surface. Immediately I felt comfortable with her and since then I have gone from strength to strength! My confidence is the best it's ever been and I'm in my 50's. Happy, happy!" Sophie, London


"I was a borderline alcoholic which is now hard to believe. All it took was 4 hours working with Louise over a month period and I no longer even feel the need to drink!" Steve, Oxford


"I had a severe phobia to birds since I was a child. A family member recommended Hypnotherapy and so I went to visit Louise. We worked together using different techniques as well as hypnosis and after a couple of months I was cured. I am truly grateful" Sam, Oxfordshire


"I'm so pleased I went to see to Louise. Every relationship I'd ever had was a disaster because of my jealousy. We discussed in depth what was going on and the patterns I had developed over the years. After coaching and hypnosis for a couple of months I am a now a different person. I have learned to love myself and the 'pangs' of jealousy I previously felt are gone. I am a much nicer person" Susie K, Oxford


"I developed my strange habit of cheek chewing around the age of 9 years old. I’m not sure how it started but I didn’t care, all I wanted was it to go after thirty years. In the first session Louise discussed a way forward and how we could work together, I was hopeful for the first time in a long time. It’s now been 3 months since I finished my sessions with Louise and I haven’t even had an urge" Sally, Woodstock


"I've been to see Louise for hypnotherapy to help me with anxiety and stress. I was reluctant at first, but Louise put me at ease straight away, and after just one session I felt a calmness and inner peace I have never felt before. I will definitely be returning to see Louise in the new year and would highly recommend her" Elaine, London


"I really enjoyed my sessions with Louise which allowed me to discuss my issues very openly.  She is a good listener and so is able to grasp the root causes very quickly which are then applied effectively during treatments. Louise also follows up and communicates very well, calmly and professionally.  I would definitely recommend Louise"RR, Oxford


"I have recently seen Louise for hypnotherapy for anxiety. after only 3 sessions I have overcome so much and now feel able to step foot outside the door without panicking. I can't thank her enough!"Charlotte, Oxford

"Really can't recommend Louise highly enough. Louise takes a holistic approach to her treatment and as a result I really felt she understood the whole issue rather than just treating the obvious symptoms...Within a few short weeks I felt noticeably different and couldn't believe the progress I had made. Two months later I remain confident that the treatment I received from Louise has given me a firm base to move forward and will keep me in good stead for the future"RS, Managing Director


"I've been to see Louise for hypnotherapy to help me with anxiety and stress. I was reluctant at first, but Louise put me at ease straight away, and after just one session I felt a calmness and inner peace I have never felt before. I will definitely be returning to see Louise in the new year and would highly recommend her"Elaine, London


"I had been suffering from anxiety and low confidence for a while now and after a few sessions of hypnotherapy and guidance on self hypnosis I have noticed a positive difference in my day to day life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louise." Anon, Oxford


"Louise offers a highly professional service, is caring and considerate. While this was my first taste of hypnosis, I was taken through the process gently yet effectively. A few sessions later, I feel I am now reaping the rewards of having had such personalised and empowering therapy, in many different areas of my life.

I’m still very thankful for our sessions and continuing to note helpful improvements." DM, Oxford

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