4 reasons why we should avoid fad diets

4 reasons why we should avoid fad diets

Beyond Fad Dieting: How Hypnotherapy Can Lead To Sustainable Weight Loss

The levels of obesity in Britain are rising faster than any other developed nation, with 63% of UK adults considered overweight. The dieting industry is one of the few beneficiaries of this situation, with two thirds of British people on diets most of the time. However, fad dieting is not only ineffective, it can also backfire, leading to a person gaining even more weight once the diet is over. By looking at the root causes of weight gain and replacing negative reinforcements with positive ones with the proven method of hypnotherapy, healthy and sustainable weight loss will follow.

Fad diets ignore the basics of healthy living

The main reasons fad diets are not a good option for those trying to lose weight is that they do not actually promote healthy living, just a life full of limitations. For every low carb high protein diet there is a high carb low protein response, and for every company pushing high fat there is another pushing low fat. It is overwhelming to just keep up, and they do nothing to teach the fundamentals of living a healthy life. Eating in moderation, working out and keeping track of calories to implement a calorie deficit are basic components to effective and long-term weight loss, but fad dieting will do anything to try and convince you otherwise.

Addressing emotional eating as a root cause

The basics of healthy living can seem pretty simple at first glance. Eat nutritious foods, limit processed ones and live an active life. If it really was that simple, however, more people would be able to stick to it while avoiding the tempting nature of fad diets. Considering the fact that 12 million people in the UK state they are compulsive eaters, there are other important underlying factors here that need to be addressed. Stress, tragedy, disappointment and even happiness can all lead to a person choosing to use food as a source of comfort, and that cannot be addressed with a change of diet alone. Once we acknowledge that weight loss is so much more than just diet and exercise, we can implement effective measures that lead to change.

Hypnotherapy as an effective means to overcome emotional eating

When a person has a very strong emotional connection to food, hypnotherapy can be an extremely effective way to address that, leading to genuine and healthy weight loss. Hypnotherapy classes and coaching not only address and work to change the underlying issues at hand behind emotional eating, they also treat a person as an individual by using their own specific goals for weight loss as positive reinforcements. When we begin to finally see weight gain not only as something physical but primarily as something emotional and mental, we can implement safe and effective measures like hypnotherapy for long-term results.

While fad diets do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, we can learn to be more critical of their strategies. By choosing to instead lead a healthy life in terms of food choices and physical activity, and addressing our underlying reasons for emotional eating through hypnotherapy, we can put our individual needs first and set an example of healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Article written by Jenny James

Jenny James left her 9-5 to focus on her passion of writing and to be with her family.