Skype Hypnosis

Skype Hypnosis



Skype Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching  


How would it feel to receive help without even having to leave home?


I see many clients in the UK and Worldwide, and am now able to work with so many more people within the UK and overseas.


The Benefits of Skype

Skypenosis, or skype hypnotherapy can have many benefits for a person. In general, most people feel more relaxed in their own home, where they can create a comfortable and safe environment. Skpye can also be useful for people who are suffering from anxiety, phobias or even pain. Hypnosis via Skype is an easy experience.


  • These sessions can be fitted in around your work and home commitments
  • Skype Hypnosis and Life Coaching is just as effective as face to face
  • Save time travelling to an appointment
  • Skype Hynosis is available all around the World


How does Skype Hypnosis work?

All you need is a computer and internet connection, with a webcam and microphone. Most computers already have the webcam and microphone installed. Some clients use their phones, iPads or tablets.

If you’re not familiar with Skype, it is very easy to download and set up. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me and I will talk you through it. This is the download to set-up a Skype account;

Before the session, find somewhere comfortable and quiet, where you will not be disturbed during the session.

On the first session we will go through some general details, medical history and talk through what is going on for you, and the changes you would like to see from our sessions together. After this, we will start the work, while under hypnosis. This will be explained in a lot more depth in the session.


Payment is made via PayPal, prior to each session.


Individual Session £60


No Smoking Cessation £120 (2 hours)



Contact: 07939 481 058


Skype: lnonweiler_1


Louise Nonweiler (Dip Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg Dip Psych Dip. Mindfulness IAHT)

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